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Inquiries about Products

  1. STEP1 Input the details of inquiry
  2. STEP2 Make sure the input is correct.
  3. STEP3 Send

Handing of Personal Information

1.Purpose of Use of Personal Information
OCC will use the personal information filled in the form only for the following purposes:
  • Appropriate actions taken on the inquiry;
  • Communication about the inquiry with appropriate departments within the company;
  • Delivery of the materials you requested or response to you on the inquiry; or
  • Actions taken to offer our customers better proposals in connection with OCC’s businesses (analysis of customer needs, development of products and services, data collection and analysis, and proposal activities, etc.).
2.Providing personal information to a third party
OCC shall not provide any personal information to any third party unless otherwise provided for by laws or agreed by you in advance.
3.Response to inquiries
Response to your inquiries will be made in principal based on the method of communication you selected in the form, or can be made via phone or in writing depending on the details of the inquiry.
4.Secondary Use or Reproduction of Email Response
Please refrain from the secondary use or reproduction of the response in part or whole. The email reply is sent personally to you from OCC only for the purpose of response to you.
5.Management of Personal Information
OCC will take appropriate actions to correct, add or delete your personal information only when OCC separately receives such request from you in person. (Please use this form for contact.)

Input the details of inquiry

  • Input the delivery address for product catalogs The items noted with “Required” must be filled in.

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