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Input Form

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Thank you for your inquiry. Please fill in the following form. NEC Platforms's Privacy Policy is here. Note that, by sending an inquiry to us, you acknowledge acceptance of the policy. All fields must be completed in English.

Please be sure to read.

・Some Personal Information is required from you so that we can reply to you.
・The Personal Information is only used for the reply to you.
・Our reply to a customer is sent directly from the appropriate NEC Platforms' division or NEC Group Company worldwide. So that they can reply, the information you input is forwarded to them. Note that it is sent as a text file.
・If you are 16 years old or younger, obtain a guardian's consent before making any request.
・Please confirm the content that you input before pushing the send button.
・Please note that the entire form has to be filled out in English.

Please fill out the following.

Name (Required)
※(ex) 03-xxxx-xxxx
Your Field of Interest (Required)

In compliance with the Personal Identifiable Information Protection Policy, the information provided on this form will be transmitted via secure socket layer methodology. The Personal Identifiable Information Protection Policy is here.