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Before inquiry

[Personal Information Consent Form]

Please make your inquiry after having carefully read and given consent to the following.

  1. To better respond to your inquiry, you may receive a direct response from the appropriate department in our company, an NEC Group company or distribution outlet.
  2. Depending on the content of the inquiry made using this Form, you may receive your reply via the telephone or in a written letter. Please note, however, that in some cases we may be unable to meet your request.
  3. Outgoing e-mail from our company to customers is addressed to each individual customer. Please refrain from reprinting and secondary use, in whole or in part, of the content of the reply you receive.

We may be unable to reply to your inquiry in the event that the e-mail address you provide is incorrect, a virus is detected, system failure occurs, etc.

If you are under the age of 16, please make sure to make your inquiry only after obtaining parental consent.

Please note that inquiries made on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and other company holidays or after business hours will not be addressed until the next business day or later. (Business hours: weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.)

[Use of Personal Information]

  1. The inquiry form (hereinafter referred to as "this Form") on this page uses encrypted communication via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for personal information protection.
  2. Based on our internal rules for personal information protection, we are committed to the proper management of personal information provided to us via this website.
  3. Personal information provided via this Form is used for responding to inquiries and providing information based on the content of inquiries as well as for activities aimed at offering even better solutions through our IT & Network Solution business (customer needs analysis, development of our company’s products and services, collection and analysis of evaluations, proposal activities, etc.).
  4. Please note that it may be necessary for us to forward the information you input in this Form to the appropriate contact at an NEC group company or distribution outlet via e-mail in order to adequately reply to your inquiry.
  5. Our company may commission the handling of personal information to an outside entity in order to conduct the procedures necessary for achieving the purpose stated in Item 3 above. In this case, we shall enter into a contract with the commissioned entity to obligate them to protect personal information, as well as conduct the necessary and appropriate supervision of the management of the commissioned personal information.
  6. Management of the personal information you input into this Form will be conducted by the department below. In the event that you would like to confirm or correct the personal information you have provided, we will respond accordingly once you have contacted us directly (Please contact us via this Form).
  7. Use and provision of Personal Information through this website and interpretation and application of these terms and conditions are governed by Japanese laws. Further, Tokyo District Court shall have an exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes related to collection, use and provision of Personal Information.

NEC Carrier Network Business Unit Web Communications Team

You are kindly requested to make your inquiry upon consenting to the above. In the event that you do not consent to the above, you may not be able to use this inquiry service.


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