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We need your feedback

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Please read and indicate agreement with the following terms of use before using the inquiry service.
Note that if you do not indicate agreement with the terms of use you might not be able to use the service.

Contact Preference

NEC occasionally communicates information that may interest you (product, service, and support information, special offers, or market research invitations).
Before you choose, visit our Online Privacy Statement to learn how we use automatic data collection tools and your personal information to tailor your communications.

NEC is committed to protecting your privacy.
For more information, visit our Online Privacy Statement.

We need your feedback

Example: NEC Informatec Systems, Ltd.
Example: 123-456-7890
Company Address:
How many times are you trying to reach us? (When contacted NECARE Center)
Time to pick up the phone (When contacted NECARE Center)
Have greeting before beginning conversation (Manner to speak/Service)
Asking to hold or transfer / Give the reason ( Manner to speak/Service )
Closing / Saying "Thank you" at the end of speech ( Manner to speak/Service )
Paying attention to listen ( Manner to speak/Service )
Using polite business words ( Manner to speak/Service )
Controlling tone / emotion during conversation ( Manner to speak/Service )
Suitability of speech / rhythm during conversation ( Manner to speak/Service )
Address the customer by name ( Manner to speak/Service )
Ability to understand the customer's need ( Knowledge and ability in service )
Response Time for problem solving ( Knowledge and ability in service )
Clearly, concisely and sequence of information provided ( Knowledge and ability in service )

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