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Please read and indicate agreement with the following terms of use before using the inquiry service.
Note that if you do not indicate agreement with the terms of use you might not be able to use the service.

Contact Preference

NEC occasionally communicates information that may interest you (product, service, and support information, special offers, or market research invitations).
Before you choose, visit our Online Privacy Statement to learn how we use automatic data collection tools and your personal information to tailor your communications.

NEC is committed to protecting your privacy.
For more information, visit our Online Privacy Statement.

We’d like to hear from you.

Please include country code and area code when necessary
Timing: Waiting time before agents pick up the phone. (when you contact NECARE Center)

Manner: Using polite business words, proper tone and pay attention to listen.

Problem understanding: Able to find and understand the needs of customers requirement and provide accurate information step wisely.

Problem solving speed: Ability to solve problems quickly and update progress after reporting the problems.

Overall satisfaction with NECARE Center services.

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